• Adopt-a-Trailhead Montana (AATM) is a new cooperative volunteer program to help protect Montana's trails from further spread of noxious weeds. Click here to learn more and get involved!

  • Spotted knapweed occurs in all 56 counties in Montana.  One identifying characteristic is that this plant has dark spots on its bracts that occur below the purple petals.  Click HERE for more information!

  • Yellow toadflax reproduces by creeping below ground roots which makes it difficult to control. Click HERE for more information!

  • Bluweed is considered a 'new invader' in Montana. This pretty plant is dangerous because it is toxic to horses and sheep if eaten! Click HERE for more information!
    Weed Awareness

Montana Noxious Weed Education Campaign (MTNWEC)

“To educate the people of Montana about the economic and environmental impacts of noxious weeds
while encouraging the public to participate in ecologically based integrated weed management.”

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Shantell Frame-Martin
Montana Noxious Weed Education Campaign Coordinator
(406) 444-9491

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